Our teams are dedicated to provide best mobile patrolling services to each assignment by following the most effective way to secure your premises. Systematic can provide regular patrols, key holding, alarm response and empty property security.

We use new technology (Guard Tour supported by Tagtronics) whereby you can receive reports with transparent information on activity and incidents to reduce costs and enhance the security strategy. You can also have a dedicated client portal access and see the live activity. Where extra vigilance and timely response is required there we use our Piaggio bike staff to respond even quicker.

In all our security services you will have a dedicated point of contact manager who will take your instructions and assist you in the right direction and the correct service whether you have one site under Systematic or multiple sites, you will always receive the same quality service with prompt response from our motivated team. For further details and no obligation quotes please contact us on 0208 578 1935